Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Movers and shakers extension

     Movers and Shakers is a topic we have covered in class and it is all about inspiring people that move others into the right direction. Inspirational people come in all forms and it does not matter what their age is, all that matters is that they want to do something inspiring or want to change/stand up for want they believe in. For example Tavi, the internet pop star and leader of Style Rookie started her blog at age 12 and before she knew it she was inspiring so many people. She is now 20 and still is expressing herself through he blog and inspiring people too. Not every ones inspiration is a famous person, for me it is my dad. He is my inspiration because he has showed me that anything is possible and to never give up on my dream. Also i have learned from my dad to always do everything with a smile and good attitude. I can not thank my dad enough for helping me become the person i am today.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Platforms extention

   In this class i have used several new platforms and some have been better than others. For example popplet was really easy and fun to use. It also is a good way to express any topic and it was by far the easiest platform i have used this year. It was really easy to put pictures in their text box and it did not give me any problems at all. I figured it out by myself and i normally need help, because of this i recommend this platform to anyone.
   I have also used platforms that have been more difficult to use. For example animoto was a bit harder because it only allowed me to put 50 words in a text box, and that is hard because i was trying to express myself and a point. Also it was hard to upload pictures and because of that i did not get to add many pictures in my project . Animoto is not a bad platform but it also is not the best to use when you are trying to explain certain things because their textboxes do not allow many words. i Would only recommend it to someone who needs to put their presentation in a video form.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

powtoon review

The app powtoon is used to express ideas and thoughts in presentation form. The app is good because it allows you to create your own presentation or use a custom one that is already ready to go! powtoon is also good because it offers a tutorial to help people better understand the app. Powtoon also has its own blog on the app, their blog allows you to see whats new one powtoons. I used the blog on the app to see what´s new and i found out that several people want to see a makeover in the app. Also i used the create button to play around with my own powtoon and found out that you can create your own presentation from scratch or you can use a custom one and join the powtoons team. For appeal and sound i give powtoons a 4/4 because you can have several choices for a backgrounds and several images. Also because you have many choices for the background music. For engagement and motivation i would give it a 4/4 because you can create your very own powtoon and do whatever you would like which keeps people engaged also because if you do not want to do as much work you have the option to use a custom made powtoon which is already ready to go and easier for so people. For used friendly I would give this app a 4/4 because it provided tutorials showing people how t use the app and because their blog keeps people updated with the app. For differentiations of learning i would also give it a 4/4 because it allows you to create your own powtoon or a custom made one. For ease of use i would once again give it a 4/4 because bc it showed people how to use the app and because they explain what everything in the app is. The highlight of this app was their blog because it keeps the people updated with the app so they know whats new on it. The lowlight of the app is that it cost money to be a member of the app. The overall rating of powtoons for me would be a 20/20, the app was really well and i recommend it.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New forms of platforms

I changed up my way of expressing positive use of social media. For the first time i did not use twitter i made a kahoot game. It was different and it challenged me because i have never made one before, but at the same time it was a fun way of showing my digital leadership. On my game i asked question about what makes someone a positive digital leader, how one can be affect by their digital footprint and several other things. I enjoyed making this and i recommend everyone to try new ways to show the world how they are a digital leader.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

digital footprints will affect your future

These past few days have really emphasized the importance of having a positive digital footprint. What you post on social media will always be there regardless of what you might think, and having bad or unprofessional post online can affect your future. Regarding my current activity on social media, i think future me would not be disappointed of what i post on the internet. I am smart and careful of what I post because I am well aware that it will always be out there. Posting something that can be perceived as bad can affect your future in several ways. This has changed my thoughts on social media because no matter what you post or what you think has been deleted, once its out there its out for good ans can come back to haunt you.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tattoos are permanent, even digital ones!!!

if someone where to look me up on social media i think they would almost see all good things about me. they would see my sports accomplishments and other achievements i have made. After searching myself online iv came to the conclusion that most people would see pretty much sports related things only. I do not think i post too much information about myself especially because all my accounts are private. I also do not think my presence online will affect my chances of getting a certain job or going to a certain school. My level of digital citizenship is average. I believe my presence online shows good leadership and is a good example of positive use of social media.